Lovaton Shetland Pony Stud
Andrea Foster: 01566 779181 | shetlandpony@lovatoncattery.co.uk
Lovaton, Daws House, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 7JF  |  Location Map

Lovaton Shetland Pony Stud

Lovaton Shetland Pony Stud

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Lovaton Mystic Melody with her colt foal Lovaton SkyelordLovaton Shetland Pony Stud is based in Launceston, North Cornwall.

The stud breeds standard Black and Bay ponies 38"- 42".
We have been showing shetlands since 1986 and the stud was officially established in 1995.

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Chatsworth Dougal [003823 - 38"] is one of our standard black Stallions. Dougal came to the stud in1999, after an excellent career in the show ring, to be used as a stud stallion - he has since produced a good foundation to the stud. Many of Dougals daughters have been retained - these have been shown extensively and a select few have run with our other stallion Linacre Smudge [AB0765 - 41"]. Smudge‘s progeny have also done well in the show ring.

Chatsworth Dougal: 003823

Date of Birth:
  Chatsworth Drogo - 002401
  Wells Erica - 007550
  Chatsworth Dougal

Linacre Smudge: AB0765

Date of Birth:
  Sire Fronllan Champion - 003780
Grandsire: Chatsworth Abott
  Linacre Silver Selina - 014162
  Linacre Smudge
Linacre Smudge
  Linacre Smudge

Both Stallions have produced stock with excellent conformation, movement and temperament.
Dougals and smudge’s prodigy have done well in the show ring, in hand and ridden.

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Contact Details and Location:

Mrs Andrea Foster
Lovaton, Daws House, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 7JF

Tel: 01566 779181
Email: shetlandpony@lovatoncattery.co.uk

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1. Lovaton Cattery:
Boarding cattery located near Launceston in Cornwall close to the Devon border.
Situated in peaceful rural surroundings with brand new, purpose built accommodation.

2. Halstock and Blackertor Shetland Pony Studs:
Breed and sell Shetland Ponies - Standard, Miniatures and Miniature Spotted ponies.
The Stud is based in Okehampton, Devon on the edge of Dartmoor.